An aquaculture tank is used to determine which plants are best suited for a floating wetland. 

Friday, 29 May 2020

Northern Beaches Council and Curl Curl Lagoon Friends are working together on a pilot project using a floating wetland to see if it can help improve water quality in the Curl Curl Lagoon.

The project set up at North Curl Curl Community Nursery will see the testing of aquatic plants in a controlled environment using lagoon water in a dedicated aquaculture tank over the coming months.

The innovative approach will try to establish which plants are best suited for a floating wetland. 

If successful, the pilot could see Council further investigate a floating wetland on the lagoon, offering a refuge and habitat for birds, as well as helping filter and clean the lagoon water.

Curl Curl Lagoon Friends President Paula Cowan said she was excited to see what could be achieved through the project.

“Unfortunately, Curl Curl Lagoon has a legacy issue of being adjacent to an old tip site which still impacts the water quality to this day.

“We should be trying everything we can to help improve the water quality and support the birdlife and aquatic life of the lagoon. Projects like these can make a big difference.”

The project is receiving funding from a grant under the federal Department of Industry, Innovation & Science's Community Environment Program.


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