Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Getting ready to build or renovate? There’s a few changes coming to the requirements for lodging a Development Application (DA) that you need to know.

The first change is effective from 1 January where Council will require a boundary identification survey to accompany Development Applications. This survey helps Council make an accurate assessment of the development as it identifies the property boundary and locates by measurement the buildings, structure and items on the site. The survey must be prepared and signed by a registered surveyor, showing their name and registration number.

Council will still accept current detail surveys, which are not boundary identification surveys, if dated prior 1 January 2020.

And there are some exceptions to the rule. Applications proposing the following don’t need to be accompanied by a boundary identification survey:

· a change of use with no external works

· an internal fit-out

· signage mounted on an existing structure.

The second change is that Council will display all plans including internal floor plans online. This will provide greater transparency to our community and allow ease of access to all relevant information lodged with a DA.

Lastly, in a move that’s good for applicants and the environment, the DA process is going paperless. We no longer need paper hardcopies at the time of lodgement, instead all documents must be supplied on a USB.

For further information, please contact our Planning Enquiry Officer on 1300 434 434.

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