Friday, 7 August 2020

Each of us has a role to play to reduce the risk of COVID-19 entering our community. You play an important part and at Council, we are also doing all we can to prevent the spread.

Here’s some of the things we are doing:

Following NSW Health Orders

At Council, we are not virus experts so we take advice from NSW Health and ensure we implement any directions from the NSW Health Orders.

Increasing cleaning

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have increased our cleaning regimes in public places and our facilities to help prevent the spread. 

Wearing masks

In enclosed customer-facing areas such as our libraries, Customer Service Centres and visitor information centres we have added screens and many of our staff are now also wearing masks.

Contact tracing

As a condition of entry to our facilities, visitors are being asked to provide names and phone numbers to ensure we can contact you should a case be identified at that location.

Providing hand sanitiser and soap

All public bathrooms now have soap dispensers which are regularly refilled. And we are asking visitors to use the hand sanitiser provided in our public facilities like libraries, community centres and customer information centres.

Encouraging social distancing and hygiene

We have installed signage at hundreds of locations across the area to remind people to keep up measures to reduce the risk and added decals to the floor to stress 1.5m social distancing. We are also helping local businesses by providing signage for their outlets.

Installing COVID-19 Marshalls at our fitness centre

As per the public health orders we now have COVID-19 Marshalls on hand at our fitness centre at Manly Andrew 'Boy Charlton Aquatic Centre. 

Reducing risk is everyone’s responsibility. If we all do our bit we can keep the virus at bay and avoid the need for further restrictions.

For more information on Council’s response to the pandemic and any restrictions in place in Council facilities please visit our COVID pages.

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