Friday, 15 January 2021

Our draft Local Housing Strategy 

As the Northern Beaches community grows and changes, we need to provide new housing that meets our various needs, lifestyles and budgets. We’re not alone, Sydney’s population is growing, and all council areas are planning to take their share.

Our draft Local Housing Strategy looks at the housing mix in the Northern Beaches today, and plans for the kind of housing, and where it should be located, in the future.

Nearly 290,000 people will live in the Northern Beaches by 2036, an increase of nearly 23,000 people. Currently approximately 57 per cent of dwellings on the Northern Beaches are houses, followed by 33 per cent of units and only nine per cent semi-detached dwellings.

The Northern Beaches has an ageing population, with expensive rents and real estate. The strategy needs to respond to these challenges and provide housing options for families and young people too. To accommodate everyone, we need a mix of housing beyond houses and units. The strategy proposes to address the ‘missing middle’ with dual occupancies, manor houses and terraces around centres with good accessibility and amenity. 

Currently there is a shortage of over 8,100 dwellings for social and affordable housing on the northern beaches and this is predicted to grow by another 1,880 by 2036. Council has a role in addressing this shortfall and the strategy proposes a number or approaches to deliver more affordable housing types.

It also considers population growth trends and change, household size and mix and lifestyle issues, including sustainability and building resilience. It also looks at housing diversity, including boarding houses and seniors housing, and social and affordable housing.

The draft Northern Beaches Local Housing Strategy is on exhibition until 7 March 2021.

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