Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Mav from Avalon has a furry composter her kids love to cuddle, Rosie their pet guinea pig.

Rosie eats the family’s fruit and veggie scraps and her waste is also compostable.


Rosie is just one of the many ways Mav and her family reduce waste and cut down on their household food bill. Check out her other tips:

1. Composting is a great way to get rid of food scraps- apart from Rosie, Mav’s family have worm farms and compost bins. You can get a $90 voucher towards a compost bin or worm farm if you attend a workshop at Kimbriki.

2. With her two children, Mav uses a combination of disposable and washable, reusable nappies. This halved what goes into the family’s garbage bin and saved them $3,000. Council runs reusable nappy workshops so parents and parents-to-be can work out whether reusable nappies could work for them.

You can see more tips from Northern Beaches locals here.

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