Monday, 5 August 2019

Sadly, it’s time for us to say ‘Sayōnara’ to our Japanese Exchange Students who have been visiting the Northern Beaches for the past 10 days.

It was action-packed and full of authentic Aussie experiences like koala spotting, meat pies and catching the iconic Manly ferry.


Here’s what some of the group had to say about their time here:

Terumi, 16:

What was your favourite activity? Definitely Taronga Zoo, oh and we got to climb part of the Harbour Bridge.



Shunei, 16:

Did you try any Australian food? Yes, I’ve tried lamingtons and a burger and my host family made me a pavlova cake.

Did you like it? Yes, it was all really good!



Sayana, 14:

What did you experience for the first time? I saw a koala! 

Did you cuddle it? No…

What’s different about this area to yours? How beautiful the beach is! The colours are so different.



Mihai, 14:

Did you visit an Australian school? Yes, we went to Manly Selective

What did you find different to yours back home? In Japan, teachers use chalk and blackboard, here it is more technological with projectors and smartboards.



Nao, 15:

What’s a highlight of your time here? I turned 15 yesterday and we all celebrated, and my host family made me a chocolate cake.

What have you learnt during your time here? How hard it is to actually use the English language in conversation but it’s been great to practice.



Yume, 13:

What’s a difference you’ve noticed between Australian households and yours back home? The house I’m staying has a pool and a trampoline.

Have been on a trampoline before? Not yet... I’ll try it tonight!




Thanks for visiting Odawara! We look forward to sending over our exchange students in September.

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