You’ll find gum trees all over the Northern Beaches, with their sloping ghostly boughs and the whispering sound their leaves make in the gentlest of breezes. Gum trees are synonymous with Australia’s identity, and cleverly they’ve evolved their own kind of sun protection. 

Since the time of the early settlers various species of eucalypts, or gum trees, have been used for specific medicinal purposes and food. They’ve provided homes, food and safe havens for some of our best known marsupials, like the Koala.  A vital source of timber and firewood gum trees are a key part of the Australian hardwood timber industry.

You’ll see in local galleries how some of our best artists, poets, photographers and authors celebrate the enduring beauty of our humble gum trees.

For their own protection, clever gum trees have evolved drooping leaves to minimise the surface area exposed to direct sunlight that leaches out the moisture they need to survive. However gum trees also need our protection, with careful environmental management. Conservation of our natural environment is an important focus on the Northern Beaches, and our bush care programs and Coastal Environment Centre are leading the way.