Friday, 19 February 2021

Northern Beaches’ War on Waste

Most of us are up to speed on the parts of our lives that impact on the environment - such as recycling and single-use plastics.

But when it comes to our clothes, the impacts may be less obvious. In fact the fashion industry is one of the highest polluting industries, accounting for an estimated 10% of global CO2  emissions*.

Known as ‘fast fashion’, cheap, disposable clothing is produced rapidly to keep up with international trends, but sadly most of it ends up as landfill.

In fact, Australians throw away an astonishing 6,000kg of fashion and textile waste every 10 minutes*.

Self-confessed fast fashion addict Tahlea Aualiita from ABC Radio Australia says she has made a concerted effort to no longer fall into the fast fashion cycle. This was after recently moving house and filling up 14 huge bags of clothes!

Our recent Charity Clothing Drop-Off event highlights our love of clothes, with residents donating enough to fill three shipping containers. The good news is the donated goods will:

  • Be sold in Red Cross shops, including on the Northern Beaches.
  • Raise money from the sale of donated items to support people facing hardship in Australia and the Asia Pacific.
  • Give donators like Tahlea the knowledge that their clothes will get a second life at a fraction of the cost of new clothes.
  • Be a major win for the environment, given synthetic fibres, such as polyester take years to break down.

Help with the war on waste by joining one of our upcoming events:

  • Bags to riches – Quarterly event, starting Sat 6 Mar, Walter Gors Park, Dee Why
    Come grab a bargain and enjoy the live music. Clothes, toys, household items on offer.
  • Avalon Car Boot Sale – Quarterly event, starting Sat 13 Mar
    The perfect alternative to buying new and adding to landfill - a great family day out!
  • Clothing Repair Café webinar – Mon 15 Mar, Online
    The friendly Bower Reuse & Repair Centre will teach you the basic skills to repair your clothes.
  • Buy Sell online workshops – various dates
    Learn how to use sites such as Gumtree and Northern Beaches Facebook so you can easily sell or buy secondhand items.
  • Second Hand Saturday – Host your own garage sale – it’s both socially and economically rewarding and reduces waste to landfill.  Register your address and it will be added to Council’s website of weekly garage sales.


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