Thursday, 23 May 2019

Council has long supported bringing more markets to the Northern Beaches and we know in Freshwater the community is missing fresh produce due to a number of former businesses like the IGA and the Harbord Growers moving on.

That’s why we proposed a market in the car park at Freshwater Village and followed the process to bring in a good operator to run them in consultation with the local businesses. Our plan was to complement existing Freshwater businesses and bring more trade to the area.

Despite our best intentions, following the appointment of a market operator the business community raised serious concerns about the selection of stalls and the impact they would have had on their business.

Council values our relationship with local businesses and could not ignore their strong representations and concerns about the potential impact on their trade. The market was put on hold.

We are working with the businesses and the operator and will continue to explore opportunities for events that bring vitality to Freshwater.

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