Monday, 26 August 2019

How safe is the cladding on my building?

Is our swimming pool putting us at risk?

What if the awning on our shop should fail?

Can I install air conditioning in my home?

As the person who ultimately pays for your property - and as the person that will live, work and play in the finished home or workplace - you need to ensure you understand your responsibilities as a home-owner, commercial building owner, or commercial or private building tenant.

Not obtaining necessary construction approvals, failing to comply with the consent conditions of your approval, using non-conforming building products and materials, or not conforming to all relevant building codes and regulations can all expose you to significant legal liability.

Using sub-standard or unsuitable ‘cost-effective’ products or taking ‘shortcuts’ to get the job done quickly can put your loved ones, your neighbours, visitors to your property and yourself at actual risk of harm.

Here are four important messages about common building concerns. Be sure to read them:

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