Wednesday, 16 March 2022

The significant damage from last week’s flooding continues across the Northern Beaches and Council has diverted many resources to assist with the clean-up and recovery efforts. Since last Tuesday our Customer Service team is fielding on average 1000 calls a day which is 40% more than usual.

Waste collection

The storm and flooding impacts across NSW are putting pressure on waste collection and disposal services as demand for trucks and tips reach peak level, with lots of normally available waste collection resources either offline due to extended flood impacts or diverted to the crisis in northern NSW.

The impact of the floods locally was widespread and we continue to receive a very large number of requests for waste collection assistance. We have both engaged additional resources and diverted internal crews to assist with collection of flood damaged household items however the scale of the issue means there are some unavoidable delays to collections.

We have over 1000 requests for collection and have already collected over 150 tonnes of flood-affected household material.

If you have registered the need for your flood damaged waste to be collected your patience is greatly appreciated. We will collect your materials as soon as we possibly can.

To help us get to our flood affected residents as soon as possible, please don’t put non-flood related waste on the kerb unless you’ve booked a regular bulky goods pick up which can be done online. If you suspect non flood damaged waste is being dumped on the kerbside, please report it to Council on 1300 434 434 so we can keep this service for those that need it most.

There are items that we are unable to pick up such as building materials, car parts, hazardous waste, gas bottles, liquids, chemicals, glass (whether broken or not) and the like.

 If you require any further information, please contact us on 1300 434 434.


Residents are encouraged to be mindful of hazardous asbestos materials when cleaning-up or conducting repair work to their homes. If you are unsure if material is asbestos or not, you should treat the material as asbestos.

The best and safest way to manage asbestos on your property is to have it tested and removed by licensed professionals. All asbestos must be transported to and disposed of at a facility that is appropriately licensed by NSW EPA to accept asbestos waste, such as Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre. You should contact the facility to ask what handling or wrapping requirements apply to asbestos waste.

Asbestos dumping is illegal and dangerous. If you suspect asbestos waste is being dumped on private or public land, please report it to Council on 1300 434  434.

Potholes and road damage

Council has received reports of over 860 potholes and crews are prioritising their repair.

Major roads are managed by Transport for NSW and they also have crews out conducting repairs.

Please click here for information on how to report potholes.

Other damage

Council is continuing to attend to over 220 reported landslips, 270 reports relating to storm water infrastructure damage, more than 150 customer requests for storm related tasks for our parks and reserves and over 320 requests for assistance with tree falls on public land.

We appreciate the community’s understanding as we work through all requests and continue to prioritise the issues which have community safety implications. 

Manly Dam

People are advised the water at Manly Dam is closed for swimming and recreational activity until further notice due to the recent rains significantly raising the lake water algal count and making it unsafe. Contact with the water is not recommended.

For water quality at our beaches please visit Beachwatch.

Financial assistance in recovery

Both residents and businesses impacted by the flood emergency may be available for financial assistance. See what is available. 

Welfare checks

Last week Council staff visited approximately 1800 homes in the worst hit areas to conduct welfare checks of residents. A number of vulnerable people were identified as requiring additional support which has been coordinated through Council and other assistance agencies.


Friday 11 March 

The extensive clean up is continuing across the Northern Beaches. The damage is widespread and while we are diverting resources to assist with clean up efforts, welfare checks and repairs to roads and infrastructure, it is likely to be some time before we are able to get through the thousands of requests. 

Please see following best links to information you may need at this time: 

Waste collection

Flood impacted waste collections are continuing across the weekend (11th March) and into next week. 

Please contact your insurer before you put anything out for collection. Call 1300 434 434 for details on what will be collected, prohibited items and how to register for a collection.  

Report a pothole

The flood waters have created hundreds of potholes and other damage to our roads. Find out how best to report them

Financial assistance in recovery

Both residents and businesses impacted by the flood emergency may be available for financial assistance. See what is available. 


Wednesday 9 March

Thankfully the rain has eased and while ongoing showers are predicted in the days ahead, the threat of further flooding has abated. All evacuation orders and warnings have been lifted.

Winds have picked up though and the community is urged to be careful around trees as water-soaked soils can increase the risk of tree falls.

The massive clean up effort is now underway with Council crews out assessing and repairing damage to roads, facilities and public assets. There are significant potholes, trees and landslips impacting the road network. The priority has been to reopen roads as soon as possible and while most are now open, some will take longer to make safe. Motorists should drive to the conditions and be aware of the potential hazards on all our roads.

SES, alongside other emergency crews, are supporting residents with their clean-up efforts and have asked for patience as they work through the high volume of requests they have received. If you are not affected, please do reach out to neighbours and friends to see what support they may need.

Council will be conducting additional waste collections for flood-impacted household waste. The strong advice is to contact your insurer before you remove any items to ensure you have met their requirements. Then leave the waste on the curb and call Customer Service on 1300 434 434 to register your address and details. We will work through our low lying, flood affected areas first and then progress to other areas as they are reported and prioritised. It may take a number of days to reach all households for collection. 

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