Wednesday, 21 July 2021

Did you know you could be saving up to $1,474 a year* on your energy bill with solar?

To find out how, we have created an easy five step plan to help you.

Step 1: Background reading - a good starting point is to read our solar FAQs. The Clean Energy Council also has a comprehensive guide for consumers called Buying Solar.  

Step 2: Dig out your energy bills – preferably the last 12 months of bills. This will help you work out your specific solar needs and payback time.

Step 3: Use the SunSPoT Tool to help calculate what size system can fit on your roof and how much you could save per year on your electricity bills.

Step 4: Choosing a solar retailer - it really pays to do your research and get several quotes. Read our guide to Simplifying Solar: Getting a Solar Quote or the Clean Energy Council’s Buying Solar (page 6).

Step 5: Review your quotes and contracts - read Council’s Simplifying Solar: Getting a Solar Quote or refer to ‘Questions to ask your solar retailer’ checklist p12 of the Clean Energy Council Buying Solar.

Still have questions?

Our friendly Solar Conversations Team are available to help simplify the solar process for you. Book a 30 minute time slot over the phone or via video call. 

They will provide impartial, general advice to help you make an informed decision about whether solar is right for you.

Find out more from our Simplifying Solar webpages.

*Average saving per year for homes on the Northern Beaches (APVI 2021)


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