Monday, 2 December 2019

Everyone should have a go at catching waves! It’s fun, great exercise for all ability levels and another excuse to spend time outdoors.

Surfing definitely isn't as easy as it looks, and can be dangerous. So once you've had a few beginner lessons and you're feeling confident on your board, head to these spots perfect for younger and apprentice surfers and practise your new hobby:

Palm Beach

Palm Beach stretches along 2.3km and caters for many different levels of surfers. For beginners, you'll want to head to the southern end AKA “kiddies corner” for some family fun and constant gentle waves for you to practice the basics on.  Perfect for more mature learners too.


Freshwater has some reasonable waves in the one to two metre mark. It can be busy on a summer’s day with many people learning to surf, and families sticking in groups. As a beginner, an ideal spot for you is the break at the middle-northern end of the beach.

Whale Beach

Whale beach is home to 'the wedge', a favourite with  more experienced surfers, but for those learning to surf there are good beach breaks, which can be fun with a north-east or east swell.


Surfing at the 'Roy’ can be a little more hectic. There are a few spots where you can get in on the action but as a beginner, we recommend you stick to the middle where there's smaller but more constant waves for you to practice the basics and get confident.

Manly Beach

Manly Beach is where many locals and travellers learn to surf. Paddling out along the Manly stretch when there's a southerly is the ideal conditions for beginners – and if you don’t have a board there’s plenty of places for board rentals and lessons!


Remember, before you make your way into the water, not only should you check out the waves and where they're breaking but also keep your eye on the other surfers and see what they’re doing too.

As surfing legend Phil Edwards said, the best surfer out there is the one having the most fun! Good luck and shaka dudes!

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