• 2021 Environmental Art & Design Prize exhibition installation. Photo by Greg Piper. 

Thursday, 5 May 2022

The call-out for entries for the Northern Beaches Environmental Art and Design Prize has been extended to 25 May.

We know it’s been a tough few years, especially for the creative sector, and we’ve had quite a few requests for a little more time. So you now have a few more weeks to get your entries in. 

Open to functional and textile design, digital media, collaborative works, photography, ceramics, painting, and more, the Prize has nine categories and a prize pool of over $40,000.

2022 Prize judges are: environmental artist Janet Laurence, designer and founder KITX Kit Willow, architect and USYD lecturer Dr Michael Mossman.

The exhibition of finalist works will be displayed at Manly Art Gallery & Museum, Curl Curl Creative Space and Mona Vale Pop Up Gallery in August 2022.

Still got questions? We’re here to help:

How do I apply?

It's easy. You'll find the application form and step by step process here

My work has already been exhibited can I still enter it in the Environmental Art and Design Prize?

Yes, you can, provided your work was produced after 1 January 2021.

My work is not new, (I made it 5 years ago) is it still eligible for the prize?

Eligible works must have been created after 1 January 2021.

How environmental does the work need to be exactly, what is the criteria for selection?

The Prize is broad and inclusive, encouraging applicants working across most art forms. Any interpretation on the broad themes of the environment, sustainability, renewal and advocating for the planet would be considered, falling within the theme of the Environmental Art & Design Prize.

My work would fall into a waste to art category, where would it fit in this prize?

If it is an object work, it would likely fit into the Small Sculpture & Ceramics category. If it is wearable, it would fit within the Wearable Design category. If it is mixed media it could fit into the Painting & Mixed Media category.

Is this prize only for professional artists and designers, or can anyone enter?

The Prize encourages entries from all artists and designers, from emerging and established. The Prize also encourages entries from young artists and designers, aged 7 – 18 years with two award categories: 7 – 12 years and 13 – 18 years.

Is the work that will be exhibited for sale to the public?

Yes, on your application you can select if you would like to have your work available for sale during the exhibition period. This price will appear on the exhibition roomsheet. Any interested buyers will express their interest with gallery staff, who will put them in touch directly with the artist/designer to conclude the sale.

I do big sculptures, life size, about 6 feet does that mean my work is ineligible?

Freestanding, three-dimensional objects and plinth-based works should not exceed 50cm wide or deep and 100cm high and must have a stable base. Plinths may be supplied if bespoke, or else standard gallery plinths will be provided. Wall mounted pieces may also be entered but should not exceed 150cm wide x 200cm high (including multiple pieces, if applicable).

How do you define small sculpture?

Generally these are smaller indoor works. They can be plinth based, floor-based or wall-mounted.

Can group works be contributed?

Yes, group work is welcome across all categories. If you are submitting a collaborative work, please list all artists/designer names in the application and have one main contact as the applicant for administrative communications.

What is interdisciplinary collaboration?

Interdisciplinary Collaboration is when artists or designers have worked with practitioners beyond their usual discipline. For example, an artists working with a scientist on interpreting data or a site. Or a writer working with a designer to create an object.   

What category does video art fall into?

Video works are welcome to apply and most often would fall into the Film & Video category.

Can I enter multiple categories? Is there a charge per work or per artist?

There is a limit of two entries per artist/designer (both entries are eligible for selection in the exhibition). The same work cannot be entered into more than one category. A separate entry form is required for each submission.

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