Thursday, 24 October 2019

Finding your own space as an artist can be a challenge. Spaces are few and far between and they can be costly. Yet, finding a space is what you need to immerse yourself and allow your talent to bloom.  This is why Council started the Northern Beaches Artist Studio Program.

Our Creative Space in North Curl Curl has four studios available for hire in 2020 with subsidised hiring fees ranging from $40 to $60 per week.

Being a studio artist in our program can be very nurturing and inspiring. You'll have the ongoing support from our Arts and Cultural Development team as well as peer support from other artists who are either on, or have been on, a similar artistic journey to you.  

Working in this space may also open new doors for artists who are able to connect and collaborate with other artists and be part of the Creative Space annual studio artist exhibition.

Here’s what our previous years studio artists had to say:

 Elisa Krey:

"My residency at the Creative Space was a very inspiring time as we were sharing ideas in a collective of artists working with different art forms and themes. This opportunity is a leap of freedom and creativity. It will help you focus on your work as well as exposing it to the community.”

Fiona Chandler:

“My time at the studio gave me a dedicated space to explore my practice, to allow thoughts and ideas to be explored. Discussions with the other studio artists were invaluable and to see so many creatives who exhibited their work was a true education.”

Marisabel Gonzalez:

“The Creative Space provided more than a physical space to create. It was a space to connect, to learn, to find myself. A place of growth and where a dream came true and a hobby became a career.”


Applications to hire the studios can be made via our website. Applications close: Thursday 31 October.

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