Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Cloth nappies have come a long way since the days of terry cloth squares and safety pins.

The reusable cloth nappies of today are designed with breathable and washable fabrics, in a range of cute prints, and fit snugly so that little bottoms stay dry and comfortable.  They are also much easier to care for than the reusable nappies of the past.

What’s so great about reusable cloth nappies?

  • Save your pennies: Having a baby is expensive so new parents are looking for anywhere they can save some money.
    While reusable cloth nappies cost more per nappy, they will save you a lot in the long run. Disposable nappies will cost around $3,000 per child, while modern reusable cloth nappies will only cost between $500 - $1,000, depending on the brand you choose. 
  • You only need to buy them once: Modern cloth nappies can be reused over and over again. They can be easily stored and used down the track for younger siblings.  Plus you will never have to pop to the shop as you’ve got them ready to go at home. 
  • You’re helping protect the planet: Disposable nappies are not recyclable or biodegradable and are estimated to take between 300 and 500 years to break down in landfill, adding to land and groundwater pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
    Even disposable nappies labelled as biodegradable only break down under very specific conditions and this takes decades.
    By choosing reusable nappies, your red lidded garbage bin will be emptier and you’ll be sending less waste to landfill, especially if you have multiple children in nappies.
  • Save water: While some people have concerns about the water required to wash cloth nappies, they are found to have less of an environmental impact than disposables if they are not soaked and are line dried.
  • They’re easy to wash: Modern cloth nappies don’t require soaking and are simple to take care of. With all the washing that goes along with a newborn, an extra load of nappies is unlikely to even be noticed! You will also save time on taking rubbish bags full of disposables to the garbage bin.
  • A good fit: The elasticised legs and waist in reusable cloth nappies help to prevent leakage and explosions!
  • No hidden nasties: Reusable cloth nappies are made from breathable natural fibres which are good for your baby’s skin. The potential impact of the numerous chemicals used in disposable nappies is subject to ongoing debate.
  • A range of funky colours and prints: There are loads of brands offering different styles and prints to match every little personality.

If you find moving completely to cloth nappies too daunting, try reusable ones during the day and disposable ones overnight.

We often hold reusable nappy webinars. Check out when the next one is coming up on our waste reduction events list.

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