Friday, 23 July 2021

Monday marks the start of Early Learning Matters Week, raising awareness of the role of early childhood education and care in children’s development and wellbeing in Australia.

Northern Beaches Council employs 215 educators and support staff across nine high-quality Long Day Care centres and Pre-schools, caring for and educating over 800 local children.

Our child care centres are open and providing essential care for children throughout lockdown. Our educators are essential workers who are a lifeline for families and their children during this difficult time.

High quality early education and care, supports young children to learn and thrive.

Children under 4 are learning how to learn, and high-quality child care helps them develop learning competencies like focus, self-regulation, memory, flexibility and motivation as well as social and emotional skills, and motor skills.

Studies have examined longer-term impacts of pre-school, with some evidence of lasting long-term outcomes including higher earnings, better health, better focus and less criminal activity.*

We want to give our educators and support staff a huge shout out during lockdown, but particularly this week as we all reflect on how much ‘Early Learning Matters’.

Find out more about Early Learning Matters Week.

Learn about the high-quality early education our centres provide and take a virtual tour of a centre.

*Preschool Fade Out Fact Sheet ChildTrends April 2018

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