Friday, 24 January 2020

With 17 Aussies in the singles at the Australian Open this month, it would be tempting to stay on the couch and watch tennis all day and night… But with 74 community tennis courts across the Northern Beaches, its actually the perfect time to grab a racquet and get out and play.

Tennis is Australia’s second most popular participation sport and more than 300,000 people regularly take to the court in NSW alone.* Across the Northern Beaches, Council owned courts are run by community clubs and tennis professionals and are filled with kids and adults throughout the week.

However, participation statistics show a dip in participation for adults aged 20 to 45. People cite their busy lifestyle as a major reason for giving up at this age, but also give reasons like “I don’t have the right equipment”, “I am too unfit” and “I have no one to play with”.

It seems like we’ve got more excuses than the Queen (and I mean Queen Serena) has castles…

Here are some top tips to get you off the couch and out on the court:

  • Tennis is a great game for any age and ability - it’s amazing how you can pick up a racquet after years and still find your groove.
  • There is a court close by. Use this helpful court locator to find your closest courts.
  • Equipment is easy to come by. As long as the strings aren’t broken – your 10-year-old racquet is totally fine! If you don’t have a racquet, ask to borrow one from the clubhouse where you play.
  • There is something for everyone in tennis - super competitive? Join a singles comp; competitive and social? Join a doubles comp; just social? Join a social competition; no clue about tennis, but want to give it a go? Check out clubs offering fun and social Open Court Sessions this summer.

Don’t forget to follow all our awesome Aussies at the Open this January and use that inspiration to pick up that racquet, phone a friend and get out and play.

*Statistics gathered from Sport Australia’s AusPlay survey results.

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