Monday, 12 August 2019

If you haven’t curated an exhibition before, you might not quite understand what you’re in for.

Here’s some tips from the pros:

1. Planning

You’ve got to plan your budget, theme, overall display, marketing and invites. There are many stages involved with curating an exhibition, the final display is just one component.

You are probably a visual person, so never underestimate the power of pencil to paper; we recommend mapping out what pieces you think might work next to each other, or what might have the feature space.

2. Drawing on common themes/narrative

Think of your role as like that of a movie director, who oversees every scene being shot and then turns each individual element into a bigger picture.

Exhibitions come together well when a theme or subject creates an overall focus. If the artworks connect and relate to each other this can make it easier to curate and display the final artworks.

3. Collaborating with other artists

Curating exhibitions often involves several artists as it is exciting to curate group shows. Consider the following before you begin: do you need artist agreements signed? Do you have a specific size, themes or parameters in mind? Do you need to visit the artist’s studio?

4. Determining the best gallery or space

Not only can a space be too big or too small, but it can also be hard to access. Before hiring a space, consider what you need to deliver the artwork but what you also need to hang and display works. Does space have plinths, a hanging system, and good lighting? How many artworks can you fit in the space? Do the costs fit your budget?

Try not to get too bogged down and over-think it. After all, your exhibition should look effortless.

Affordable local space 

Just like any craft, practice makes perfect. Put your new knowledge to the test in a professional gallery setting. Our Creative Space in North Curl Curl is a professional and affordable space with availability in 2020, prices start at $180 per week for solo and $365 for groups. More info is here.

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