Thursday, 1 November 2018

District Park is a 62 hectare site that hosts a range of recreational sports including golf, tennis and squash. The Plan of Management identifies an opportunity to create something special for the community by upgrading and revitalising the area.

Council is proposing to develop a new concept for a multi-sports facility at District Park that will provide greater community benefit including additional facilities such as more indoor sports courts and community space.

Council is now planning to take the lead on the project following the withdrawal due to commercial reasons of Arena REIT, the top ranked tenderer that was seeking to upgrade the facilities.

So what does this all mean?

Council will now consider a new approach

Council voted at a meeting on 4th September to decline to accept all tenders and negotiate with the top ranked tenderer, Arena REIT as it was the closest to fulfilling Council’s service expectations.

Following the withdrawal of Arena REIT for commercial reasons, Council now has an opportunity to build on the potential of what has already been proposed and add even more value for the community.

The model to partner with Arena was one way Council could have secured significant investment to deliver a high quality community sports facility, now Council will take the lead and will investigate funding the enhancements at District Park to bring it up to the standard the community expects.

The elected Council will consider options at a Council meeting in early 2019.

The existing leases remain

In the meantime golf and tennis will continue under the current arrangements and will be involved in the discussions on any upgraded facilities.

Our commitment to 18-hole golf continues

The priority for both Council and Warringah Golf Club has always been to ensuring the future of the 18-hole golf course and enhancing the aged facilities. Council looks forward to working with Warringah Golf Club on the project.

Ongoing consultation is a priority

We are proposing to establish a Community and Council Advisory Group as part of a broad community engagement program. This will be considered by the elected Council but could be selected through an Expression of Interest process. It is proposed the Advisory Group will help guide the concepts and delivery and will be just one avenue of ongoing community engagement.