• Work being carried out at Careel Creek, Avalon earlier this year.

Thursday, 1 July 2021

Careel Creek at Avalon is a much-loved yet somewhat problematic little waterway that has been the centre of attention for many Bushcare volunteers, Council crews and residents of the area. 

Thanks to a partnership between Council and the NSW Government—more than $290,000 in funding will further benefit the creek. 

Together, we'll be removing an estimated 400 tonnes of sediment and stormwater debris that has accumulated within the creek line.  The works will enhance creek ecology, improve native habitat and reduce the opportunity for noxious weeds to establish along the creek.

Council welcomes the state government's assistance, which is contributing $143,000 in funds to finance the careful removal of sediment and gross pollutants by land management specialists.

Council has also invested more than $150,000 to support these important works, with sediment, weed and woody snag removal. We'll also be carrying out essential surveys to support the work alongside considerable landscaping, planting and sustainable design features. 

Council expects the creek will function better with an improvement in tidal flows leading to a reduction in odours and better environmental outcomes.

These results will add to previous achievements by our volunteers and staff who started restoring and cleaning up the creek in January.

With the first half now finished, the second stage of the project will be underway in July and will take approximately two months to complete.

For further information about this project contact the Coast and Catchments team on 1300 434 434.



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