Saturday, 20 June 2020

Before we all had a reliable calendar in our back pocket, the sun was the best way to track the time of year, and the winter solstice marked the official start of winter - meaning, we're moving towards longer, brighter days.

So, if you're eager to sacrifice your Sunday sleep-in, here are the best spots to watch the sunrise while it's at it's most northerly point.

Manly Beach lighting up with sunrise

Marine Parade, Fairy Bower

Walk around Marine Parade, skip the morning coffee and wake yourself up with a refreshing morning dip in Fairy Bower Rockpool (it's still 19 degrees in the water!), or, better yet - jump in the ocean and swim back to Manly. Does the AM get any better than that?

Palm Beach

We had to include Palmy lighthouse, we know you’re not surprised to see this on the list. The panoramic views of the Pittwater, Bantry Bay, Palm Beach are just spectacular, and they’re even better in the early morning.

Try start your walk 30 mins before the sun is due to rise, and you’ll reach the top with enough time to find a perch to take it all in.

North Head, Manly

It’s basically impossible to have a bad day if you’re starting it surrounded by nature. North Head is a great vantage point to watch the sun rise and light up Sydney. On a quiet day you might even have this spot all to yourself.

North Curl Curl, rock formations 

North Curl Curl

The northern end of Curl Curl has some gorgeous natural curving rock formations that bounce the morning sun right off them.

It’s a wonderful walk along the shoreline and if the tide is right you can even walk around to North Curl Curl rockpool.

Turimetta Beach

This hidden gem is truly a sunrise champion. If you make your way down to the northern end you’ll catch the sun lighting up the shoreline, and twinkling in the waves. Do we need to mention the green mossy rocks that create a gorgeous contrast of colours – your photos will really pop here. 

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