Monday, 9 September 2019

From the creators of celebrated Australian works Rumour Has It and Wrecking Ball comes the must-see live music event of the year: Lady Beatle – a kaleidoscopic journey through The Beatles’ most monumental hits.

Starring Australian stage and screen star Naomi Price (Beautiful: The Carole King Musical, Rumour Has It, Ladies in Black, The Voice Australia) and inspired by true accounts, Lady Beatle is a rollicking magical mystery tour sound tracked by The Beatles’ biggest chart toppers, including Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, Eleanor Rigby, Yellow Submarine and Penny Lane.

Q&A with Lady Beatle star Naomi Price

Who or what is Lady Beatle?

When my co-writer Adam Brunes and I delved into The Beatles’ remarkable catalogue to create the show, we discovered their world was populated with seemingly ordinary people- the barber, banker, fireman and nurse in Penny Lane, the meter maid star of Lovely Rita, the teenage runaway who inspired She’s Leaving Home - ordinary people who have unknowingly become part of an extraordinary musical and cultural legacy. Lady Beatle is our homage to these characters and others whose stories might never have been told were it not for four ordinary lads from Liverpool.

What’s your favourite number in the show?

We do a great version of Here Comes the Sun which is loosely based on the Nina Simone version and I love doing that, and anytime I hear the bassline of Lady Madonna kick in I’m off. To me, that’s party time.

You and your family have a strong connection with Liverpool, England and The Beatles. Can you tell us a little about this, and what The Beatles' music meant to you growing up?

My dad’s family are all from Liverpool, so I have vivid memories of going up north during the summer holidays and spending hours listening to The Beatles’ music.

I was convinced that my Grandma knew The Beatles personally, as she used to talk about them in such detail and with such intimate knowledge. I have come to realise as an adult that Liverpudlians have a deep personal connection to The Beatles, to their music and to them as prominent figures.

They are such an important part of the fabric of Liverpool and to the identity of a city wrestling with its place in the world after WW2. The Beatles represent a coming of age for Liverpool, and I’m deeply thankful that I got to experience that through my grandparents’ great love of their music.

What can audiences expect?

Audiences can expect a show with great heart and charm, anchored by a brilliant team of artists and the greatest songbook of all time.

As with all of our shows, our main goal is to deliver a truly entertaining night at the theatre. Having toured Lady Beatle to a number of venues and festivals to date, it has been thrilling to see the show enjoyed on multiple levels by audiences of all ages.  

Sell the show to us with a Beatles song title.

Do you want to know a secret? from The Beatles’ 1963 album Please Please Me.

Lady Beatle opens at Glen Street Theatre on Tuesday 15 October. Buy your tickets now.


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