Thursday, 9 August 2018

Seventeen students from northern beaches schools will soon be winging their way to Japan, after a group of Japanese students recently spent 10 days with local families here.

It’s the 28th year of Council’s annual student exchange programme with the Odawara City Council, located about 83 kilometres south of the capital, Tokyo.

In 1990, Manly and Odawara formed a Friendship City relationship. From this came Council’s Sister Cities Programme which included the reciprocal language and cultural student exchange program.

Every year, up to 20 Northern Beaches students aged 14 years or older, who are studying Japanese, have the chance to improve their language skills and learn firsthand about Japanese culture.

At the same time Japanese students from Odawara get the opportunity to experience Australian culture and language.

Last week, Northern Beaches Mayor Michael Regan and acting Council CEO Helen Lever together with Mr Ozaki a chaperone with the students, took part in a certificate ceremony (pictured above).

It marked the culmination of the recent successful visit of the Japanese students which ended when the students flew home on 4 August.

The exchange program was a terrific opportunity for students to learn about another culture at a young age and to bring their language studies to life.

Northern beaches students will start their exciting trip to Japan on 30 September.

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