Thursday, 6 September 2018

Right now on the Northern Beaches, three out of five of us commute to work by car. Over half our households own two or more cars, which is higher than most households in Greater Sydney.

While our community is stuck in traffic on some of the most congested roads in Sydney, costs are mounting. Forty-eight million dollars is the estimated cost of Northern Beaches’ traffic congestion to the national economy[1]. The social costs are even more alarming. Northern Beaches’ residents are relinquishing their valuable personal and family time for long commutes every day.

Population growth will only make this worse. Our population is growing and it is projected an additional 46,000 people will call the Northern Beaches home by 2038.

How can we improve traffic and transport and help people get around now and in the future?

Our transport vision for 2038

In 2038, we want to see a Northern Beaches with:

  • A quarter of all trips by public transport
  • Double the active travel trips such as cycling and walking
  • A thirty percent reduction in car trips and carbon emissions from transport
  • Zero deaths on our roads

How will we achieve this? We’ve taken on many of your ideas and input and created a framework for our future transport network in the MOVE Northern Beaches Transport Strategy. It’s currently on exhibition and we would love your feedback. Future projects outlined in the strategy include:

  • Improved public transport connections such as additional Bus Rapid Transit services
  • Footpaths and shared path improvements to make walking and cycling safer
  • End of trip facilities like bike parking and e-chargers

Let us know if our plans meet your future transport needs. Have your say, today.

[1] Infrastructure Australia 2018, Infrastructure Priority List, Australian Infrastructure Plan, Project and Initiative Summaries, March 2018