Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Ten-year-old Bronte Alexopulos from Newport wants the community to plant more natives in their garden this spring.

Concerned about the loss of habitat for our local wildlife, Bronte is on a mission to change it.   

Her initial goal is to win over her neighbours. She will invite them all to be a part of a local planting day by dropping promotional flyers in their letterboxes and through word of mouth.

Bronte also reached out to Council to lend a hand. As a result, Council staff have collected seeds from her local area to propagate in preparation for the planting day.

Why should you plant natives in your garden?

By establishing a native garden, you will start to attract native bees, birds, insects, small mammals and frogs.

To entice them to your garden, start by choosing a variety of native species that provide different food sources. Seeds from Eucalypts and Wattles provide a tasty meal for many native birds while others feed on nectar producing plants like Bottlebrushes and Grevilleas. Fruit eaters love berry producing plants like Lilly Pillys, Blue Flax Lily and Blueberry Ash.

With the right plant species, you can provide wildlife with a tasty snack all year round!

Native plants also provide animals with shelter and protection from predators. Think of your garden as a mini wildlife sanctuary where native species come to seek refuge.

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If you are a Newport resident and would like to help Bronte contact

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