Why you should work with us

There’s much more to Northern Beaches Council employees than the job they do for us. We want you to feel welcome and valued. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive range of benefits focused on our employees’ wellbeing, development, lifestyle and financial future.

Flexible working hours

Most of our staff can take advantage of our flex time scheme, which could mean a nine-day fortnight for you, although child care staff work within a three-week cycle.

Generous leave entitlements

Full-time employees get 20 days annual leave for 12 months service, plus extra concessional leave days between Christmas and New Year. You’re entitled to 15 days cumulative sick leave. Long service leave adds up to 6.5 weeks for every five years with us. After 15 years, you get 2.2 weeks every year.

Coming from another Council?

Switching to Northern Beaches Council from another council doesn’t mean losing the leave entitlements you’ve accumulated there. We will honour up to 13 weeks of accumulated sick leave and 5 years' worth of transferrable long service leave.

Family leave

Parental leave is up to 18 weeks leave on full and half pay, and partners can have concurrent parental leave of up to 10 days paid leave using their accrued sick leave. You can also use sick leave entitlements as carers leave to look after immediate family members. 


If you need to place your child in child care, we can help you save on costs by arranging for you to pay fees at Council child care facilities using pre-tax salary sacrifice.

Your salary and superannuation

Every fortnight your salary will be placed in your nominated bank or credit union account, plus we’ll make an employer funded contribution of 9.5% of your salary to either Local Government Super or your own nominated fund. Every year you’ll receive a salary increase in line with the Award. 

Fitness and wellbeing

You can get discount passes to the Andrew “Boy” Charlton Swim Centre and free access at Warringah Aquatic Centre. Permanent staff can use the Civic Centre’s on-site gym for free. Permanent employees are also eligible to receive reimbursements for physical wellness initiatives; such as club memberships or sports events entry fee e.g. fun runs.

Staying healthy

We offer free annual flu shots to all staff, plus free ad hoc health checks and assessments throughout the year. The Employee Assistance Program offers 24/7 access to professional counsellors to help you and your family if you need professional advice on issues affecting your health, work, performance or personal relationships. 

Career development

You can receive annual study assistance up to $2,000, or 50%, for course fees, paid study leave of up to two weeks per year, and a range of in house courses and motivational talks available to all staff. There are also opportunities to attend conferences and seminars relevant to your position.