Emergency Planning for Storms and Floods

If you are concerned about your property in the event of a storm or flood you can get prepared using the information provided by NSW SES at StormSafe.

It's important you keep watching the advice issued by the Bureau of Meteorology for the latest forecasts and warnings that may affect the area you live in.

Council's floodplain team monitor lagoon levels 24/7. Northern Beaches Flood Watch provides the latest data on rainfall and water levels in the area. It also provides an indication if flooding is likely.

You can refer to the Frequently Asked Questions to get more information or call your nearest customer service centre.

Your Safety Comes First

Northern Beaches residents and visitors are urged to check for signage and be extra cautious when visiting beaches, ocean pools, tracks and paths.

Emergency Services on Social Media

You can follow a range of emergency services on social media for up-to-date information using Facebook and Twitter, such as:

NSW SES Warringah/Pittwater Unit
Northern Beaches LAC
Live Traffic NSW

If you have a life threatening situation call 000.

Council's Role in an Emergency

Council has key responsibilities in responding to emergencies and assisting in recovery for example:

  • Council functions as a Local Emergency Operations Centre during an emergency, staffed by trained officers to liaise with and support the frontline agencies such as the SES.
  • Council is responsible for public places such as parks and roads.

Council works with a range of emergency service agencies to prepare and respond to emergencies.

The role of Council and the agencies in the event of a local emergency is set out in the Northern Beaches (former Manly, Warringah Pittwater) Local Disaster Plan (DISPLAN).

The DISPLAN covers a broad range of emergencies that may occur on the Northern Beaches (in Manly Warringah Pittwater including:

  • natural disasters
  • biological hazards
  • hazardous materials emergencies
  • dam or other infrastructure failure
  • transport infrastructure emergencies.

In major flood and storm emergencies, the DISPLAN is activated.

Frequently Asked Questions

This information is provided as a guide in the event of a storm or flood. For information on how to plan and prepare for a storm or flood visit the SES Floodsafe website.