UPDATED 8 August 2018 

At an Extraordinary Council meeting on 1 August 2018, Council rescinded its original resolution to acquire the Pasadena site by agreement with the owner or, failing agreement, by compulsory process, and instead resolved to negotiate with the owner and make an offer to purchase the Pasadena site.

If the owner accepted the offer, then the next steps were for Council officers to work with the community on the future use for the building and the surrounding lands. If the owner did not accept the offer, then Council would not proceed with the acquisition of the Pasadena site and would seek that the funding allocated to the acquisition be reallocated to other projects.

Following the meeting Council commenced negotiations with the owner and made a formal offer which was not accepted by the owner.

As such, Council officers are now progressing the remaining items in the resolution such as monitoring and enforcement of parking, and reviewing and installing signage, and will write to Minister Rob Stokes to request that the original funding be redirected to other priority projects such as the Currawong Cottages and Conference Centre and the Mona Vale and Long Reef Surf Club upgrades.

The full resolution follows below:


A. Council ensure continued monitoring and enforcement of parking restrictions in the Bayview Church Point area, including the use of parking officers at night, to the extent that can be accommodated within existing operational budgets.

B. Council review and install signage in the Church Point area (as deemed appropriate by staff) to ensure appropriate signage exists to assist community understanding regarding parking restrictions in the Church Point area, including alternative areas to park and alternatives to driving to Church Point, which is to be funded from existing operational budgets.

C. Council notes the recent addition of the 156 bus service from McCarrs Creek to Mona Vale, stopping near the Pasadena site, which operates approximately every half hour from 6am to midnight, Monday to Sunday, with an end to end trip taking approximately 15 minutes.

D. Council negotiate with the owner of the Pasadena site and make a commercial offer for the purchase of the Pasadena site, and should this offer be accepted, the Council authorises the carrying out of all things necessary to give effect to this resolution including the execution of any required documentation under power of attorney.

E. The offer referred to in D include a condition that the owner seek to assign any lease of the adjoining crown land to Council.

F. Staff advise Council of the negotiation outcomes.

G. If the offer referred to at D is not accepted, Council notes that the acquisition of the Pasadena site will not proceed and Council write to Minister Stokes MP seeking that the funding allocated to the acquisition be reallocated to the other 10 projects allocated funding in the Stronger Communities Fund, as referred to in Item 6.4 of the 24 October 2017 Council meeting.

H. If the offer referred to at D is accepted, Council develop a Masterplan for the Pasadena site and adjacent land to ensure maximum public benefit into the future.

I. Council write to the relevant minister and seek an extension for the tied grant irrespective of the outcome.

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