Narrabeen Lagoon Trail, an 8.4km multi-use trail circumnavigating the lagoon, was completed in 2015. Since then, several sections of the trail have been identified as requiring upgrade to ensure the safety of all users. 

The section of path across the Pittwater Road Bridge was identified as a bottleneck and safety hazard for cyclists and pedestrian users of the bridge. 

Council received funding from Transport for NSW’s B-Line project to improve pedestrian and cycle links along Pittwater Road. The funds enabled us to build a 3m wide pedestrian and cycle bridge alongside the existing road bridge, eliminating the current pinch-point and increasing safety for users of the bridge and trail. 

The new pedestrian and cycle bridge officially opened on Friday 25 November 2022. Your can read Council's media release here 



  • Friday 25 November – The new pedestrian and cycle bridge was opened. 
  • Thursday 14 July – The new pedestrian and cycle bridge is nearing completion. However, due to a manufacturing issue with the bridge’s decking, construction will take a little longer than planned. Works should be complete by mid-September, weather permitting. 
  • Wednesday 8 June - Our contractors are extending the roadside fence on the western side of Pittwater Road Bridge to better protect pedestrians from vehicles. The footpaths at either end of the bridge are also being upgraded. All other works on the Narrabeen Lagoon pedestrian and cycle bridge will be completed from water barges to minimise disruption to the community. 
  • Thursday 14 April - Construction works are well underway. Environmental controls are in place, the vegetation has been cleared and the piers have been installed and cut to the finished height. Unfortunately, the timeline for this project has been pushed out due to rain and material supply delays. It is now expected to be completed in August 2022.