Precinct Planning

Precinct Planning is the process we are using to investigate the development potential of Ingleside.  The process analyses the development potential of a possible land release area taking into account the environment, economic viability, housing types, community consultation and infrastructure needs. The following documents inform the precinct planning process. The Community Participation Plan and Project Plan are being updated to reflect the changes required as a result of further bush fire investigations.

Project Plan - The Project Team comprising of government agencies is managing the process outlined in this document.

Probity Plan - The project is being overseen by a probity auditor to ensure that the process is consistent and transparent.

Community Participation Plan - The Plan provides the framework to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate in the process.


The Ingleside precinct planning process formally began in July 2013, led by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment (now Department of Planning, Industry and Environment), in collaboration with Pittwater Council (now part of Northern Beaches Council) and Landcom (formerly UrbanGrowth NSW).

Given the complexities of the issues that need to be addressed for Ingleside, and the iterative nature of the process, delays to the expected timeline have occurred.

The Vision

"A connected, liveable and sustainable Ingleside" 

The vision statement for Ingleside was developed with landowners and the broader community in 2013 at the initiation phase of the planning and community engagement process. View behind the vision

Background documents and Council reports

 The Planning Package that was developed in 2016 is available here.

The area has previously been considered for a land release and there were several planning studies that were completed including the following: