The Ingleside Community Reference Group was established to provide two-way communication about Ingleside precinct planning with NSW Planning & Environment (now Department of Planning, Industry & Environment), Council and landowners, interested groups and the broader community.

The Community Reference Group is not a decision-making body but its feedback helps inform decisions made by the Ingleside Project Team.

The Community Reference Group aims to:

  • provide a forum for community groups (that at the time of formation were registered with Council), community organisations and residents,
  • give members an equal opportunity to contribute and be involved in discussions,
  • complement the broader consultation framework for the Ingleside land release project
  • act as a means through which NSW Planning, Industry and Environment and Council can put forward items that require consultation, and
  • be a way of identifying innovative ideas for planning in Ingleside.

Members of the Community Reference Group do not, by virtue of such membership, have the authority to make representations to the media on behalf of Council or the Community Reference Group.

Any member deemed to have breached Council’s Values or Code of Conduct will result in dismissal from the Community Reference Group.


Meetings will usually coincide with the timing of key milestones for the project.

Members representing a Registered Community Group may send the nominated alternate delegate in their place.

Absence from two consecutive meetings without explanation will result in their position being declared vacant.

Members of the public are welcome to attend meetings as observers, however they have no formal role, and cannot participate in discussions.