Community Information Sessions

The former Pittwater Council, Department of Planning, Industry & Environment (DPIE formerly Department of Planning & Environment) and Landcom (formerly known as UrbanGrowth NSW) conducted several information sessions in August 2013, primarily for landowners in Ingleside. 

Vision Workshops

The project team has undertaken community engagement to gain feedback on the vision that the community aspires to for a sustainable Ingleside. To ascertain this we conducted community design workshops, where we asked the community to identify their priorities for the planned precinct and received feedback on the vision statement.

Public Exhibitions

In collaboration with the Department of Planning and Environment (now Department of Planning, Industry and Environment) and Landcom a draft Land Use and Infrastructure Strategy was released in December 2016 for community consultation.

The Technical Studies that informed the strategy were also part of the exhibited documents.

Public comment on the Draft Structure Plan is now closed. An overview of the submissions received, outlines the key issues raised in the 425 submissions.

Web-based Engagement

Pin a Comment

The community were able to comment on the Draft Structure Plan by “pinning a comment” on the map (now closed).

Chat Forum

The community were able to put forward opinions and talk to others in the community through a chat forum (now closed). View the report

Sustainability Principles Vote

The community were able to vote on sustainable development principles important to them, to develop the vision statement. They were developed by the Ingleside Community Reference Group, Councillors and Master Planners