How and when will infrastructure such as new roads, sportsfields, community facilities, bicycle paths etc for the Ingleside area be delivered/ constructed?

Certain infrastructure such as upgraded roads and drainage, bicycle and pedestrian paths, sportsfields, parks and community facilities will be gradually delivered as development progresses and when developments are approved that will facilitate the ability to levy development contributions on developers via conditions of the development consent. These infrastructure items have been identified as necessary for the new land release at Ingleside as a result of an increase in demand on infrastructure and services generated by the land release development and increase in resident population.

Conversely, other infrastructure such as connections to water, sewer, electricity, telephone and broadband services to ensure that housing lots are serviced when they come onto the market will need to be paid for by the service authority and the developer of the land.

When will the roads be upgraded?

Currently, the roads in Ingleside are to a rural road standard.  Roads will need to be upgraded to accommodate the changes from rural to urban setting as the Ingleside Precinct develops.  The upgrading of the road network, with the exception of Mona Vale Road, is dependent on development activity and therefore will be delivered in stages.

For those areas where there is no potential to increase development opportunity, it is not anticipated to upgrade the current road standard.

When will Mona Vale Road be upgraded?

The Mona Vale Road upgrade is being delivered by the NSW Roads and Maritime Services in three stages. Stage 1 comprising the intersections improvements at Mona Vale Road and Ponderosa Parade has been completed.

Stage 2 is the Mona Vale Road East upgrade between Manor Road and Foley Street. Stage 3 is the Mona Vale Road West upgrade between McCarrs Creek Road and Powderworks Road. A media release in June 2017 from the NSW Government made funding commitments for the Mona Vale Road upgrade. For more information on the Mona Vale Road project refer to Roads and Maritime Services.

When will the new school be constructed?

A site for a new school has been identified within the Precinct. The new school is being delivered by the NSW Department of Education. The construction planning for a new school will depend on future demand and capacities in surrounding schools.

When will the sportsfields be constructed?

Sportsfields are planned for South Ingleside and North Ingleside. Land identified for the sportsfields will need to be purchased by Council first.  The sportsfields will be delivered at the appropriate stage as development occurs in Ingleside.

The draft Structure Plan indicates that my property is identified for drainage or some other public purpose. What does that mean? Does Council intend to purchase my property for this purpose and what process will be followed in this acquisition?

Any land identified for a public purpose, such as a park, school, sports field, drainage or creek-line corridor, road widening/reservation, environmental conservation or the like, means that it will be purchased either by Council or the State Government. That land will also be rezoned to permit the identified public purpose, therefore its development opportunity will be limited.  Rules governing land acquisition are in State legislation, and you should familiarise yourself with the Land Acquisition (Just Terms Compensation) Act 1991. The NSW Valuer General’s website has published a guide to the process, an explanation document and a fact sheet.

Lands identified for conservation will need to be purchased by whom and when?

Land has been identified for conservation within the Ingleside Precinct.  As the land release in Ingleside may affect the existing biodiversity in the Precinct, the plan is to also purchase land outside of the Precinct to offset the environmental impacts.

A Special Infrastructure Contribution will be levied on developments to buy land required to offset the biodiversity likely to be lost in the Ingleside Precinct or to enhance and permanently protect the best remaining bushland in Ingleside by buying land and setting it aside as new reserves. 

How can Councils levy for Development Contributions?

Section 7.11 and 7.12 of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979  permits councils to include as a condition of development consent, the reasonable dedication of land or the payment of money, or both, for development that is likely to require the provision of, or increase the demand for public amenities and public services within the area. A contribution plan identifies the infrastructure and services required to meet the demand generated by the development. Councils must adopt contributions plans before they can levy a contribution.

A Contributions Plan will be prepared for the Ingleside Precinct and will collect contributions for what is considered “essential works ” such as roads, drainage works, public open space areas, land for community facilities (but not construction of the facility building) and plan administration tasks.

How much and when will I have to pay?

Work on the Contributions Plan is not yet complete to provide a contribution rate. The total development contribution will be calculated at the time of issuing the development consent and will depend on the specific site and the details of the proposed development.  The amount is normally payable prior to issuing the first Construction Certificate or Subdivision Certificate of the development (whichever occurs first). This will enable the timely provision of improved public infrastructure and facilities.