Frequently Asked Questions

What’s happening in Oaks and Howard Avenue?

We are implementing the 2013 Dee Why Town Centre Masterplan through Stage 1 of our Streetscape Upgrades project.

Council is investing significantly in much needed streetscape upgrades to improve pedestrian access and safety.

The result will be beautiful new streetscapes, more than double the number of trees and a fantastic new shared path connecting the beach with the town centre.

What do the works include?

  • replacement of old damaged footpath with new paving
  • new landscaping including trees and garden beds
  • street lighting adjustments
  • drainage works
  • new pedestrian crossings
  • road resurfacing
  • new kerb and gutter
  • additional seating, bike racks and bins

Why are the trees being removed?

Tree roots throughout Dee Why have caused ongoing and significant damage to infrastructure, contributing to the dilapidated and aged nature of footpaths, kerbs, roads and drainage infrastructure.

Unfortunately the root systems have outgrown the available space and are buckling the footpath and road. This creates trip hazards for elderly and difficulties for wheelchairs, prams and mobility scooters.

Have you explored all options?

Our tree and landscape experts considered a range of options including transplantation. The health of the trees would be severely compromised by having their roots disrupted in this way and are unlikely to survive. 

We also considered if we could leave some of the trees on the shared path but again the intricate root system would continue to buckle the new infrastructure and make it difficult for the less mobile to use safely. 

Tell me more about the trees?

 Trees RemovedNew TreesWhat species will be planted?Mature Height & Canopy *

Oaks Avenue

As part of the Streetscape Upgrades Project



21 x Chinese Elm (Ulmus parvifolia ‘Todd’)

10 x Cabbage tree Palms (livistona australis) trunk

Ulmus parvifolia
10–18m tall x 11m wide

Livistona australis
25m high x 0.35m diameter

Howard Avenue

As part of the Streetscape Upgrades Project



10 x Smooth Leaf Quandong (Elaeocarpus eumundii)

4 x Magnolia grandiflora “Little Gem”- size 400L

Elaeocarpus Eumundi
 8-15m tall 8m wide


Magnolia grandiflora
 6m high x 3m wide

Howard Avenue

As part of the Shared Path Project



30 x Kanooka Gum (Tristaniopsis Laurina “Luscious”)

6 x Golden Penda (Xanthostemon Chrysanthus)

Tristaniopsis laurina Luscious 8m high x 4m wide


Xanthostemon chrysanthus, 10–15 metres high and
5–8 metres wide

Why have these species of trees been selected?

The trees have been selected based on a thorough assessment by Council’s Tree Management specialists. This took into consideration the individual characteristics, environment and constraints of the streetscapes of Dee Why as well as the need for shade and habitat. The majority are native species and for every tree removed two will replace it. 

Are some of these trees weeds?

No. The tree species selected are not designated as weeds by the NSW Government Department of Primary Industries.

Do these works have anything to do with the Meriton development?

The streetscape works in Oaks and Howard Avenue are being completed by contractors engaged by Northern Beaches Council as part of the implementation of the Dee Why Town Centre Masterplan 2013.

Meriton have been undertaking works to their street-frontage on Oaks Avenue, Howard Avenue and Pittwater Road. These works to the public domain are a condition of consent for any construction or development.

Why is the area outside 19-21 Oaks Avenue not being completed?

The portion of footpath area outside 19-21 Oaks Avenue is private land. Council cannot complete works on this land. Council has contacted the property owner to discuss the possibility of having these works completed at the same time.

What impact will the works have?

The works will require areas of the footpath and road to be cordoned off for the works to be completed. This will result in pedestrian diversions and traffic control being in place. Council will endeavour to keep inconveniences to a minimum.

Access to all businesses and residential properties will be maintained at all times.

How long will I be affected?

The works are planned to commence in August and be completed early 2019. They are being carried out in stages so that individual businesses and residents are not affected for the entire duration of the project.

Will there be night works?

Some night works will be required however these will not be significant and should only be for specific elements of the works. The majority of the project will be completed during the day.

Any night works will be advised to residents in advance.

Upcoming Works

Streetscape upgrades are set to continue in Dee Why with further works on Pittwater Road to commence following the current sections of work on the western side. The eastern side of Pittwater Road between Oaks Avenue and Pacific Parade will commence procurement within the next few weeks with a view to commencing October 2018.

Additionally design work is progressing on elements of the Dee Why Town Centre Masterplan such as the upgrade to St David’s Park on the corner of St David’s Avenue and Pittwater Road and the preparation of designs for the future link road through the Woolworths site once the current owners commit to its redevelopment.