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If you own a pet, there are two steps involved in registering your pet. The first is having your animal microchipped, the second is registering your pet with Council. Both processes are a legal requirement, they are also helpful if your pet goes missing. 

Microchip Your Pet

Microchipping your pet is a legal requirement. Your vet should microchip your pet when it is 12 weeks old. As part of the process, your vet will complete a Permanent Identification form and send it to the NSW Companion Animals Register. You’ll be sent a Certificate of Identification and a Lifetime Registration form. 

Register Your Pet

Registering your pet is also a legal requirement. Take your Certificate of Identification and your Lifetime Registration form and lodge these documents with Council. If you take your animal’s desexing certificate or pensioner card you’ll receive a discount. Register your pet by the time it is six months old.

Change of Address

If you move you’ll need to complete a Change of Address form so that your pet’s registration details are updated. Please complete and lodge this form within 14 days of moving. Use this form if you change phone numbers too. You can post, fax or take the form into Council.

Change of Owner

If you rehome a pet, it is the responsibility of the original owner to complete the Change of Owner Form and have it signed by both parties. Lodge this form with Council within 14 days of the change taking place. You can post, fax or take the form into Council.