Council supports local community groups with banner locations for promotion and our events calendar for local events. You can even apply for financial funding under our grants programs.


Visit our Grants page to see what grants you can apply for now and past successful applicants.


Banners or temporary signs should announce local, educational, cultural, social or recreational events. They cannot advertise commercial events. They can be displayed 28 days before your event and taken down within seven days after. You can make a booking to place your banner in one of Council’s approved sites.

Online Events Calendar

If you are a not for profit local community group you can submit your event for placement on our events calendar

Footpath Permits

Activities such as busking, street stalls, providing outdoor seating, holding outdoor events, hanging flags, installing charity clothing bins and advertising on footpath signs all require permission from Council please call 1300 434 434 for assistance. 

VMS Trailers, Advertising Trailers and Motor Vehicles

Development consent is required for VMS trailers and stand-alone trailers (advertising trailers) and may be required for advertising on motor vehicles.


Community Group Support Forms

Banner Booking Application

Form # 4001