The Tramshed Arts & Community Centre is a newly renovated facility with views of Narrabeen Lagoon and a cafe onsite. 

The Pottery Room is subject to additional Terms and Conditions upon application. Currently the Pottery Room is at capacity and unavailable. 


For more information call 8495 5012.

Fees and charges

Type of hireRate (inc GST)Units
Berry Hall - concession$10.75per hour
Berry Hall - function$62.60per hour
Berry Hall - not-for-profit$23.25per hour
Berry Hall - hire fee$35.75per hour
Lakeside Meeting Room - hire fee$16.35per hour
Lakeside Meeting Room - not-for-profit$10.65per hour
Lakeside Meeting Room - concession$4.90per hour
Lakeview Hall - concession$12.25per hour
Lakeview Hall - function$71.50per hour
Lakeview Hall - not-for-profit$26.55per hour
Lakeview Hall - hire fee$40.85per hour
Lakeview Hall - exhibition$204.25per day
Tramshed Meeting Room - concession$7.05per hour
Tramshed Meeting Room - not-for-profit$15.30per hour
Tramshed Meeting Room - hire fee$23.50per hour
Pottery Room - concession$6.15per hour
Pottery Room - not-for-profit$13.30per hour
Pottery Room - hire fee$20.45per hour
Tramshed Hall - concession$8.15per hour
Tramshed Hall - function$47.50per hour
Tramshed Hall - not-for-profit$17.65per hour
Tramshed Hall - hire fee$27.10per hour
Tramshed Hall - exhibition$135.50per day

Fees are applicable from 1 October 2020 - 30 June 2021

Terms and Conditions

All hirers must abide by the Community Centre Terms & Conditions (also contains definition of fees).


1395A Pittwater Rd
Narrabeen NSW 2101
Map of Tramshed Arts and Community Centre