Forest Community Arts Centre Entrance
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Fees and Charges


Type of hireRate (inc GST)Units
Art Exhibition per room$130.00per day
Classrooms/Studio - Concession$6.00per hour
Classrooms/Studio - Non Profit$13.00per hour
Classrooms/Studio - Hire Fee$20.00per hour
Meeting Room (large) - Concession$6.90per hour
Meeting Room (large) - Non Profit$14.95per hour
Meeting Room (large) - Hire Fee$23.00per hour
Meeting Room (small) - Concession$4.80per hour
Meeting Room (small) - Non Profit$10.40per hour
Meeting Room (small) - Hire Fee$16.00per hour
Pottery Room - Concession$6.00per hour
Pottery Room - Non Profit$13.00per hour
Pottery Room - Hire Fee$20.00per hour
Children's Party$185.00per four hour booking only

Definitions of fees can be found in the Terms and Conditions. 

Terms and Conditions

All hirers must abide by the Community Centre Terms & Conditions


Forestville Shopping Centre
Darley Street
Forestville NSW 2087
Map of Forest Community Arts Centre

Forest Community Arts Centre, adjacent to Forestville Library, has two meeting rooms, two large classrooms, an art studio and a pottery teaching room. 

The Pottery Room is subject to additional Terms and Conditions upon application. Currently the Pottery Room is at capacity and unavailable. 

There is also access to a kitchen and an enclosed playground. The centre offers a range of arts related courses and other community activities. Wi-fi and air-conditioning provided. 

Access for people with disability. Off-street Parking.


For more information call 9452 1065.