Council invites expressions of interest (EOIs) from not-for-profit (NFP) organisations or community groups interested in delivering programs and services from within the centrally located Avalon Recreation Centre, 59 Old Barrenjoey Road, Avalon Beach.

Submissions will assist Council to determine how to best utilise this space to deliver positive outcomes for the community. Submissions will be considered for exclusive use or where possible compatible shared use of the space.

Community space description

This large and vibrant space, formerly the Avalon Customer Contact Centre, sits within Avalon Recreation Centre and would be suitable for a variety of community uses that help benefit the health and wellbeing of the local community.

Approximately 76 square metres (sqm) of space will be available for groups and organisations to offer services and programs to the community.

The fully accessible community space will have exclusive use of: 
•    a large room of 45sqm 
•    an additional work space of 24sqm, and
•    a smaller office of 7sqm

There is a shared kitchenette and accessible bathroom amenities located via a corridor at the rear of the space. 

Organisations are invited to submit an ‘Expression of Interest’ (EOI) to licence the space from late 2024 for up to five-years. 

Minor modifications to the space may be necessary depending on the successful applicants’ requirements for the space.

Fees and charges

The licence fee will be subsidised by Council and calculated on the assessment of the application, weighting of the community benefit offered and benchmarked to other current hire and / or exclusive use agreements in Council buildings.

Inspection dates

The site will be open for inspection on Monday 12 February and Thursday 29 February, 12.30 - 1pm and 5.15 - 5.45pm on both days.

If these scheduled times are not suitable, please contact Caroline Gibbs (Manager, Community Centres) to arrange an alternative time. 


Phone: (02) 8495 6581

Important information

Assessments of applications

Applicants will be assessed based on the proposed community activation of the space and community benefit, with the selection criteria as follows:

Organisational Criteria:

  • Is a registered Not for Profit organisation or community group. Individuals will not be considered.
  • Has the required public liability insurance of $20 million
  • The organisation is financially sustainable, with annual financial statements provided to Council and audited where required.
  • The organisation to provide evidence that it complies with relevant legislation governing its activities, i.e. Working With Children Check (WWCC), Child Safe Organisation Policies etc.
  • The organisation has a sound governance and management model, with applicable established policies and procedures for staff, committee members and volunteers.
  • The organisation has a constitution or charter that confirms the organisation’s commitment to either the cultural, social and/or recreational wellbeing of the community. 
  • Can demonstrate that the space will be used appropriately and at least five days per week (joint submissions for shared use and benefit will be considered).

Community Benefit Criteria:

  • Use of the facility will increase health and well-being of the Northern Beaches community. 
  • Projected hours and days of operation. 
  • Participant and/or membership numbers. 
  • The proposed service or program of activities to address identified cultural, social, recreational or other need in the community.
  • Provide demonstrated evidence that the proposed use can meet the goals of Council’s Community Strategic Plan 2040 and Better Together 2040 Social Sustainability Strategy. Summary of goals listed in below section. 

Council’s Community Strategic Plan 2040

The following goals from Council’s Community Strategic Plan 2040 apply to the use of Council’s community facilities:

Outcome: Protection of the environment

  • Goal 3: Our community is well-supported in protecting and enhancing the environment to ensure safe and sustainable use 

Outcome: Community and belonging

  • Goal 7: Our diverse community is supported to participate in their chosen cultural life
  • Goal 8: Our community feels safe and supported
  • Goal 9: Our community is inclusive and connected 

Outcome: Housing, places and spaces 

  • Goal 12: Our community has access to spaces that enable healthy an active living and allow for a broad range of creative, sporting and recreational opportunities to be enjoyed 

Council's Better Together Social Sustainability Strategy 2040

The following strategic outcomes from Council's Better Together Social Sustainability Strategy 2040 apply to the use of Council's community facilities: 

Strategic Direction 1: A Safe Community 

  • Outcome 1: Our community is safe in public, at home and online
  • Outcome 2: Our community has access to people, organisations and information that can help when they need assistance 

Strategic Direction 2: An Inclusive Community 

  • Outcome 3: Our First Nations people and Indigenous heritage are included in all decision making
  • Outcome 4: Everyone in the community feels welcome 
  • Outcome 5: The whole community has access to inclusive growth and opportunities 
  • Outcome 6: We have an active, resilient and engaged social services sector 

Strategic Direction 3: A Connected Community 

  • Outcome 7: Everyone who participates in community life feels like they belong 
  • Outcome 8: Our community has access to the services, programs and facilities they need 
  • Outcome 9: Community networks reflect the diverse interests of people living on the Northern Beaches 
  • Outcome 10: We have a thriving volunteer culture 



  1. Expression of Interest open for submission from Monday 15 January - Sunday 17 March 
  2. Assessment of applications against the selection criteria
  3. Council approves the successful applicant
  4. Use of space to commence late 2024

How do I provide a submission?

Online - enter a submission via the form

Email - submit your written submission form to

Contact information

Caroline Gibbs (Manager, Community Centres)

Submit your Expression of Interest

Before you apply, please read through our Community Centre General Terms & Conditions.

For further enquiries please contact Caroline Gibbs (Manager, Community Centres) on (02) 8495 6581 or