Cromer Sports Hall
Cromer Courtyard, Cromer Gallery, Cromer Craft Room

Cromer Community Centre is a large multi-purpose centre with a sports hall. The centre is suitable for small and large meetings, playgroups and social functions.

The Cromer Lounge and Craft Room are unavailable for hire until further notice. 

Off-street parking available for over 50 cars.

Access for people with disability.


For more information call 9913 3231.

Fees and Charges

Type of hireRate (inc GST)Units
Main Hall - Children's Party$180.00per four hour booking only
Main Hall - Concession$14.00per hour
Main Hall - Function$80.00per hour
Main Hall - Non Profit$22.50per hour
Main Hall - Profit$33.00per hour
Art & Craft Room - Children's Party$180.00per four hour booking only 
Art & Craft Room - Concession$12.50per hour
Art & Craft Room - Non Profit$17.00per hour
Art & Craft Room - Profit$23.50per hour
Art OR Craft Room - Concession$9.00per hour
Art OR Craft Room - Profit$17.50per hour
Art OR Craft Room - Non Profit$13.00per hour
Gallery - Concession$11.50per hour
Gallery - Non Profit$15.50per hour
Gallery - Profit$23.50per hour

In addition, please review the General Charges for bond, cancellation and ancillary fees. Definitions of fees can be found in the Terms and Conditions. 

Terms and Conditions

All hirers must abide by the Community Centre Terms & Conditions


150 Fisher Road North
Cromer NSW 2099
Map of Cromer Community Centre