Avalon Recreation Centre

Avalon Recreation Centre is located in the Avalon Shopping Centre and overlooks Dunbar Park. The centre includes a sports hall, meeting room, kitchenettes and four activity rooms available for hire, one including sinks for art classes. The centre is suitable for functions, classes, meetings, sports, workshops and exhibitions. The centre also houses the Avalon Community Library, the Avalon Early Childhood Centre and a Council Customer Service Centre.

On-street parking. Access for people with disability. 



For more information call 9970 1273.

Fees and Charges

Type of hireRate (inc GST)Units
Activity Room 1 - Seniors/Disability Non Profit Rate$7.15per hour
Activity Room 1 - Concession$14.25per hour
Activity Room 1 - Exhibition Rate$130.00per day
Activity Room 1 - Function $60.00per hour
Activity Room 1 - Non Profit$21.40 per hour 
Activity Room 1 - Profit$28.50per hour
Activity Room 2 - Concession$19.55per hour
Activity Room 2 - Exhibition$175.00per day
Activity Room 2 - Function $80.00per hour
Activity Room 2 - Non Profit$29.35per hour
Activity Room 2 - Profit$39.10per hour
Activity Room 2 - Children's Party$180.00per four hour booking only
Activity Room 3 - Seniors/Disability Non Profit Rate$6.25per hour
Activity Room 3 - Concession$12.45per hour
Activity Room 3 - Exhibition Rate$130.00per day
Activity Room 3 - Non Profit$18.70per hour
Activity Room 3 - Profit$24.90per hour
Activity Room 4 - Concession$18.55per hour
Activity Room 4 - Exhibition Rate$175.00per day
Activity Room 4 - Function $80.00per hour
Activity Room 4 - Non Profit$27.85per hour
Activity Room 4 - Profit$37.10per hour
Avalon Annexe - Seniors/Disability Profit Rate$19.20per hour
Avalon Annexe - Children's Party$180.00per four hour booking only
Avalon Annexe - Concession$19.20per hour
Avalon Annexe - Exhibition Rate$175.00per day
Avalon Annexe - Function $80.00per hour
Avalon Annexe - Non Profit$28.80per hour
Avalon Annexe - Profit$38.40per hour
Main Hall - Basketball Shooting - 1/2 Court$13.00per hour
Main Hall - Basketball Shooting - Full Court$26.00per hour
Main Hall - Children's Party$180.00per four hour booking only
Main Hall - Concession$29.70per hour
Main Hall - Exhibition Rate$450.00per day
Main Hall - Function $80.00per hour
Main Hall - Non Profit$44.55per hour
Main Hall - Profit$59.40per hour
Meeting Room - Concession$8.20per hour
Meeting Room - Non Profit$12.30per hour
Meeting Room - Profit$16.40per hour

In addition, please review the General Charges for bond, cancellation and ancillary fees. Definitions of fees can be found in the Terms and Conditions. 

Terms and Conditions

All hirers must abide by the Community Centre Terms & Conditions


Please view the Fire, Emergency and Evacuation Procedures for Avalon Recreation Centre. 


59 Old Barrenjoey Road
Avalon NSW 2107
Map of Avalon Recreation Centre