Local case studies are a great way to celebrate success stories, share ideas and inspire others to take the first steps toward becoming net zero. We’d like to invite you to join our local case study portfolio.

If you would like to share your sustainability success story and inspire others to take action too, please complete the form below. We’ll review your submission and publish it to our webpages to spread the word.

Business details

Please introduce your business, including:

  • background of your business including the primary industry
  • background on the sustainability of your business, for example:
    • your commitments to environmental and/or social sustainability
    • key goals relating to sustainability (short term and/or long term)
    • any general ideologies or core beliefs held by the business in relation to sustainability.
Case study


An explanation of a specific initiative or ideology which the company has implemented in order to either achieve the company’s overarching goals or reflect their business’s ideologies. This will form the basis of the case study and all ‘actions’ will stem from this.

A quote may be inserted here.

Program Development

Any relevant goals or targets that relate to the issue should be identified here.


Each action which relates to the issue identified should be listed here. This should be set out such that the overall action is identified, followed by specific actions (where applicable).

An example is set out below.

The company has eliminated all non-reusable plastic. This was achieved by:

  • Engaging suppliers who provide biodegradable cutlery e.g. bamboo forks
  • Implementing a bring-your-own container initiative.


The overall outcomes of the actions should be included here. This should be quantified where possible and link to the business’s  sustainability initiative outlined in the introduction. An example is set out below.

Through implementing these actions, the company has reduced the amount of plastic they have sent to landfill by 60% in the past financial year. This has enabled the company to achieve their interim goal of reducing plastic by 50%.

Future Plans

Any overview of the actions and progression to achieving the company’s goals should be outlined here. Additionally, this section should include how the company is planning on expanding their actions, or implementing new ones, to further improve their sustainability.

If you have a project you’d like to showcase and share, or you’d like to join Council’s Sustainability Business Network please get in  touch with Council’s Sustainability Officer.

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