Crunch Time for Sportsfield Shortage

Cromer girls playing Soccer
Monday, 24 April 2017

The Northern Beaches does not have enough sportsfields with half the number of some other comparable council areas, but double the number of golf courses as the rest of Sydney.

There are more than 50,000 people from 17 sports using our 116.5 ha of fields and over 1,000 players were turned away last year due to lack of fields available.

Northern Beaches Council Administrator Dick Persson said that actions like new lighting and synthetic fields can alleviate some of the problems, which is a priority for Council, but there’s still a huge shortfall if we don’t find a way to create more fields and this will only get worse if Council does not find a solution.

One other possible option to help ease some of the shortfall is to reallocate Council owned land like golf courses.

The Golf Course Review, undertaken by Golf Business Advisory Services (GBAS) pointed out that the seven public golf courses on the Northern Beaches, covering 180 ha, had seen a 16% decline in the last ten years bringing membership down to 4,000.

The Golf Course Review also stated that a reduction in the supply of golf courses may assist the golf market to achieve greater sustainability. 

A number of actions to alleviate the sportsfield shortage have been outlined in the Sportsgrounds and Golf Courses Discussion Paper and the community are urged to read the facts and make a submission at

Submissions close Sunday 7 May.