Parking Changes to Benefit Manly

Friday, 14 July 2017

Northern Beaches Council is updating night parking rates for Manly CBD car parks to benefit local residents and businesses.

Administrator Dick Persson AM said that the Council has now reduced the rate to encourage more residents and visitors to come to Manly at night.

However in making the change initially an error was made in adopting the fees and charges that meant that the rate started at 6pm instead of 7pm as intended.

“Staff came to me after identifying the error and we agreed to immediately make the change so that the night time rate commences at 7pm as it did before,” Mr Persson said.

“I’m pleased to be able to confirm that we have quickly made this change to support local residents and businesses alike”.

This update will mean residents can continue to enjoy the 2 hours free parking up to 7pm, and that from 7pm parkers can stay until midnight for a flat rate of $11 (noting that on a Friday and Saturday night Whistler Street Car Park remains open after midnight with an overnight charge of $21 from midnight until 7am, all other car parks close at midnight 7 days per week with an overnight charge of $50).

The night parking in the Manly CBD has been reduced to an $11 flat rate, previously $15.50 under the fees of the former Council.