Stronger Communities Fund

The Stronger Communities Fund has been established by the NSW Government as part of the NSW Government's Fit for the Future reform program.

The Fund includes a Community Grants Program allocation of $1 million with individual project funding up to $50,000 to incorporated not for profit community groups, for projects that will develop more vibrant, sustainable and inclusive local communities.

The other component of the Stronger Communities Fund has $14 million allocated by the NSW State Government for major projects. Further information on these projects can be found at

Available Funding

Incorporated not for profit community groups can apply for grants for projects that build a more vibrant, sustainable and inclusive local community.

The maximum grant amount is $50,000, with a minimum of $5,000.

The funding will be allocated over two rounds with a total of $500,000 per round. Any funds not allocated in round one will be rolled over into round two.

Round One has been allocated following an application process in 2016. Details of successful applicants can be found here.

Round Two Applications

Applications for Round 2 will open 3 April 2017. Read the Guidelines (PDF) and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) thoroughly before starting your application.

Your application must be submitted on-line and can be accessed at

The application form will be read-only until the opening date of 3 April at which time you will be able to commence filling it in.  The application has been made read-only to allow you additional time in which to prepare supporting information and prepare a strong application.

Round Two will close at 5pm on 12 May. 

Please ensure you have allowed sufficient time to complete and submit your application as there will be no extension to this deadline

Community Grants Program Criteria

To be successful for funding, community projects must:

  • Deliver social, cultural, economic or environmental benefits to the Northern Beaches community
  • Address an identified community priority
  • Be well defined with a clear budget
  • Demonstrate that any ongoing or recurrent costs of the project can be met by the community group once grant funding has been expended
  • Demonstrate the capacity to manage funds and deliver the project.

Community Priorities

Successful projects must address one or more of the identified community priorities. These are:

  • Affordable housing
  • Economic development
  • Place making
  • Natural environment
  • Waste and recovery management
  • Sustainable transport
  • Art, culture and heritage
  • Community safety
  • Inclusive communities
  • Open space and recreation
  • Youth.

Information Sessions

Council ran a series of information sessions on Round Two and provided an opportunity for questions not addressed in the guidelines or Frequently Asked Questions.

Introductory Grants Workshop

This workshop was held on Wednesday 5 April and offered handy tips on how to write a great grant application in order to maximise your chances of success.  

Further Information

For further information about the program or technical assistance with the online application form please contact the Grants Team: Alison Osborne on 9970 1628 or Anna Power on 9970 1104 or email